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Upon this page you'll find all of our News and Upcoming events. If you would like to attend a Ghost Hunt or have a problem with something that you feel uneasy about you can write to us here.

This site is always growing. Be sure to check the Ghost Photo Gallery pages as we do new hunts a New Page will APPEAR!

07/21/2001 - Site restarted! Let the edit begin again!
Added Content: Paranormal Page stories.

07/26/2001 - Add content Paranormal Page. New stories and old ones are being added as you read this.

08/01/2001 - Added content to the paranormal page 2, working on others still. When they are done they shall be posted :)

8/04/2001 - New camera should be ordered tomorrow. With the addition of this we will be gaining a new Member here very shortly ChevyPower (Dave). So it your reading this you better be ready next weekend because you know where we're going :)

08/06/2001 - Site under heavy construction again. I renamed the paranormal pages to Ghost Pages. Adding new page sometime today for Pictures of Spirit activities.

08/07/2001 -
Added content to friends page.
NEW - Fiction Ghost Stories page.
NEW - Photo Gallery (Ghost)
NEW - Member's Page! <-- You can join also!

08/08/2001 -
NEW - Guestbook go ahead and sign it!
NEW - Upcoming Ghost Hunts!

08/09/2001 - Submitted the site to OpenDirectory today!
Added information to the Investigations Page!
Added some more information about me.
working on getting a new scanner.

08/16/2001 - New Camera Arrived today finally!
Added content to Photo Gallery (Ghost) tell me what it looks like to you.

08/19/2001 - New photo's added to the Photo Gallery and also another new Photo Gallery page added. I ran out of room on the first one so did another one so that the photo's were not all crammed together.

08/20/2001 - Finished uploading all the new pictures to the Photo Gallery Pages. Check them out they look rather good you should have your video card set to high color for the best possible view of the pictures! There is also the Photo upload page if you'd like to send me something there.

08/20/2001 + 08/21/2001 - Ghost hunt went off without a hitch again lastnight! Added content to the investigation page. Read on if you dare!

08/23/2001 - More Pictures added to Photo Gallery #2 (Ghost) go and check them out.

08/24/2001 - Even more pictures today! Finished with all the Text on the pictures. If you would like to be a part of the great site send me email at darkdragon56@lycos.com that is the first place I hit for my email.

08/27/2001 - Ghost Hunt Tonight at 9:00p till ?

08/28/2001 - Added a News Page. Going to move all this off the front page. So check the News Page for all updates now!

August 28, 2001 - Site here started. Moved from old site seeing how someone has something against me and decided to hack the site and I don't know enough about HTML to fix it just use the Page Builder.

August 28, 2001 - Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Investigation, this was a good night for the hunt for some reason. Just check out the new pictures Ghost Photo Gallery #3. What you sticking around here reading the rest of this for anyways <G>.

September 03, 2001 - Been busy today with all the new pages. If you don't want the Haunted Places let me know I'm easy to get along with. I think I need more people to help in the Ghost Hunts/Paranormal Investigations.

September 4, 2001 - Started adding links again today. Soon we'll be back where we were before :-)

September 7, 2001 - Working on getting another Hunt/Investigation together. Some Time with in the next few days anyways.

September 9, 2001 - Most of the links are back now. I've removed the ones that weren't working or had a server no response for more than 3 days. Going to try another type of Page also but I'm not going to publish it unless it looks alright with the rest of the site.

September 10, 2001 - Well we went on another suprise Hunt/Investigation tonight! We just get the urge to do this and well we go. New Pictures posted Ghost Photo Gallery #4 what are you sticking around here for go ahead look at them if you dare.

Spetember 11, 2001 - Please click the ribbon found on the front page of this website to show your support.

September 14, 2001 - Today I sent a email to the fine people at The Shadowlands to have us added to there listing. Had to cancel the investigation tonight due to many members having to be at work till early this morning.

October 20, 2001 - Well as I studied the Charts for yesterday I noticed a very good thing that everything was supposed to be active. Well it was and the proof is in the pictures, well over 30 pictures last night and I tried the EVP also I have to get the tape transfered to the computer now is all so that I can listen to it with the Big Speakers! Okay turn off the lights, have someone to cuddle with and go and look at the pictures!

October 27, 2001 - Ok well we went out tonight, we took along the Tape recorder and cameras. Well Dragonlady had the recorder and was wandering about the northern end of the cemetery. Well to make a long story short let's put it this way there are things on the tape that none of us heard. Of course me and Deathdragon were happily taking pictures I'm not totally sure what all we got. I know we didn't get quite as many as normal but oh well you can't always get good pictures. Ok as soon as I get the patch cable and upload this EVP I'll post it.

November 5, 2001 -
Things are going rather well tonight. Can see many different things wandering about. Of course if you think that I'm joking just go take a look at the pictures from tonights Investigation! Gave up on aimming the camera for the simple fact of there was so many Orbs about that everytime it flashed you'd see them in front of you.

November 6, 2001 -
Things weren't so active for me tonight. I know why but I'll keep it to myself that way nobody's feelings get hurt, I don't like to hurt feelings. We had a none believer among us is all I'll say really there was more than one. But got some good pictures go ahead and check them out you should enjoy what I did happen to capture anyhow.
March 4, 2002 -
We would like to welcome two new members to our site.
Kiran - aka Savitra
Orin - aka Sentinel
Hope that we can all be together very soon!

This page is updated as we do things so please be patient with us we'll update again very soon!