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Its okay, I dont care about the anonymity thing....everyone who knows me, already knows what a freak I am =) well, I went by that place last night, and it seems
they've been doing construction on it a while,a nd that road's completely blocked off. by accident, I found some twisty little dirt road that led out onto that road (I dont
think I was suppose to be there), and apparently part of the construction was that bridge! it was completely taken out and put back in....sooo...this could lead one to
believe that any spirits or spiritual possibilities was taken out along with the bridge..needless to say I'll be finding a different place to investigate... =)

The Event:
First a little background. My girlfriend at the time, Michelle, who claims to have spirits attracted to her (and proved it at Redford Cemetery on Halloween), had found
out she was pregnant about a week prior to our incident. They say pregnancy also attracts spirits. Michelle was a good person to have around in this situation, and I'll
tell you why. Out of boredom, we'd decided to visit the Denton Road Bridge, really close to midnight last November. Previous explorations of this site had turned up
nothing, but I'd always felt "drawn" to this place. We arrived at the Denton Road Bridge about midnight, going north on Denton Rd. First a quick pause on the bridge,
took some pictures, and headed down a bit and turned around. We then stopped again on the bridge, took a couple more pictures, and because there were no cars
around, I shut the car off and killed the headlights. A moment of silence went by, waiting for this so-called "light" to rise from the creek. Disappointment led me to
starting the car again and slowly pulling away. The road could clearly be seen as far back behind us as Cherry Hill. Perhaps about 100 - 200 feet from the bridge after
pulling away, a light had appeared *on* the bridge. Two lights to be exact; headlights. Headlights of what could be a truck, but closer to the ground like a wide car.
Extremely freaked, I hit the gas! This led to a chase. 40, 50, and eventually 60 mph we drove down a very icy Denton Road towards Geddes Rd. The faster we
went, the more space appeared between the two lights, as if this "vehicle" was gaining on us. Because this incident was consistent with the legend of the Denton
Rd Bridge, I had my camera in-hand, waiting till I got to Geddes Rd, planning to jump out and get pictures of these lights. Watching the lights in the rear-view the
whole time, we slid to a halt at the intersection, where I jumped out of the car and!!!! nothing..complete darkness. Now for the logistics. This vehicle was doing *more*
than 60mph at one more on this icy road, with seemingly no trouble. There were houses close to Geddes, on Denton, but yet no visible tail-lights to suggest the car
had pulled into a driveway. The car would have been visible while were on the bridge, if it had turned onto Denton from Cherry Hill, but instead was just "there" 10
seconds after leaving the bridge. I'm not saying this was the Denton Demon, as it's been named, but I'm not saying it isn't either. =)


Submitted by PHPGalaxy email to services@phpgalaxy.com

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I checked out your page on tripod, and some of the ghost pictures, and I feel compelled to share with everyone my knowledge of experiences with "orbs". First of all, I
have stacks upon stacks of pictures with these objects in it, and have already written most of them off as what they are -- dust particles and moisture in the air. This
doesn't mean all dots are particles. It's been said that orbs are spirits in in a stationary position. "Streaks" are orbs in motion, which I believe is referred to as an ecto. In
my travels and my pictures, I've noticed some of these dust particles that don't seem to be like others. Very VERY few, are not see-through, like most are. You can also
tell, in extremely rare cases, that these objects seem to be giving off their own light, as opposed to reflecting the camera flash. If you're not looking through the camera's
viewfinder, you can usually see these dust particles as the camera flashes. REAL orbs may also appear quite larger than the normal speck of dust, more defined, and
sometimes seem to have "something" in the center of them. Orbs can be viewed and "judged" much better when converting the image on the computer to a negative.
In fact, *anything* in a picture stands out better in a negative. =)

There's another side of this however! What if these dust particles represent a spirit or spirits somehow? I and a friend went out one night taking pictures of festively
decorated houses a few days ago. The occasional orb turned up here and there, yet in one certain spot, MANY dust particles could be seen in the negative of this
picture. Out of 15 pictures taken in this neighborhood that night, this was the only picture to turn up these sort of results. Why would it be like this JUST in this one spot?
I was told later that some years before, someone had died either in the house across the street, or in the front yard of the house across the street. A connection perhaps?
If so, this would shed a new light on these dust particles......

If you'd like to see it, I'll be creating someting of a tutorial on orbs, with pictures, on a website. I had a website for it up last year when I did my ghost expeditions, but (my
own) lack of interest brought it down. Perhaps it'll go back up again. =) PS: Attached is the negatively inverted picture I just mentioned...

- Tim

Submitted by PHPGalaxy email to services@phpgalaxy.com


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