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These are sound files that we're doing now. If you have a sense for Paranormal Activities and you'd like to help out with us please contact me on the Contact Me page I check that email all the time.

September 14, 2001 -

This is our first investigation with the addition of a Brand New tape recorder. Check this page for any and all EVP's that we capture on the Hunts/Investigations. They will be added as a link to a file on this page.

October 15, 2001 - Okay tonight we try again :) Anything that is captured on Tape will get posted here :)

October 27, 2001 - Ok well on our second attempt at the EVP we finally captured some voices that are not our own. My wife Dragonlady (Teresa) was at the northern end of William Ganong Cemetery (Butler) and was cleaning around a few of the graves when out of the blue it sounds like something says "come to me". Shortly after that she had found a childs grave and was cleaning it off and something said "Clean the other side". Also on this tape there is someone telling her to "find one" and numerous places where it sounds as if though there is something growling at her and someone saying to "come with me". Now I can dismiss all the things that I hear so you be the judge of it.

Butler Help at end of a Hunt

Something said Clean the other side too!

Did You Get Shorted?

Um something didn't want us here tonight!

Oh My God!

Someone was Whistling a tune

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