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All Pictures are Copyright by ME! Please don't steal them for use on another site ask first.

November 6, 2001 William Ganong Cemetery (Butler)


Ok tonight I feel good about this Investigation again. As you can see I got a lot of orbs and some mists too.


There is one on the tombstone here.


A small orb to the right of the bush.


A small one to the right of the tree down toward the bottom.


There's a few orbs here, now I'm having doubts about the one that is with us that says there is no such thing as a ghost everytime she get's near us we don't get anything in the pictures.


Well a few dim ones around anyhow. At least the night isn't a total loss.


Nothing :(


Wish someone would walk away from me.


Okay the person walked away from me, must have a bad influence on me and the camera. Now the orbs are back can you explain this one.


The orbs are here just dim tonight.


Okay here we see Deathdragon (Ian) as he is setting something up on his camera. Also in the picture we can see many dim orbs.


More orbs some bright some dim.


I really do think that these Red ones like me or something. Yes I've cleaned the lense that is something that stays spotless.


Reds and whites, brights and dims. Just got to love it when you can get good pictures.


I'm not sure why the red ones are attracted to me. But we do respect everything around us and we even pick up trash and clean the tombstones.


Here is a great example of orbs in motion.


A few more dim orbs.


If you look closely at the orbs they're moving away. The people in the picture are Deathdragon (Ian) and VWGirl (Danielle).


Very nice shot of orbs passing through a tombstone. Almost like they're lined up waiting to go through.


Some more dim orbs but what the hey can't win em all now can we.


Many orbs here, and the people in the picture are Deathdragon (Ian) and my sister (Brenda).


Well the last set of batteries has died. Got some good orbs here too. This will end our Hunt/Investigation for the night. Hopefully the next one will prove more fruitful for us.

Always be RESPECTFUL when you visit a cemetery. I'm sure that if it was your loved ones that were here you'd want everyone else to be respectful of things around them. It only takes seconds to pick up trash or to clean a headstone off or even a footstone. All Pictures are copyright by ME! Please don't steal them for another site ask first :-)