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All Pictures are Copyright by ME! Please don't steal them for another site ask first.

November 5, 2001 William Ganong Cemetery (Butler)


After we get set up with the recorder and camera's I thought that I should just snap my first picture. When I did there was a few in it which is far better than what happened the other night :)


Coming at me and every where else too. I'm feeling pretty good about the investigation tonight.


Well tonight was really feeling good. Looking at the pictures now, I know why it was feeling so good :-)


Many many orbs. Tonight the weather was great wasn't to cold wasn't to hot. Makes the orbs more active or something.


Orbs are everywhere tonight :) this makes me happy.


Ok someone has shut my flash off again or should I say something.


Ok second time that it's gotten shut off on me. Hmmm makes me wonder what is going on.


Ok now something is really strange here. This is the third time in a row it got shut off and I know it was on because I reset it. I just can't figure it out something don't want me to take a picture of this spot or something, and YES I turned it back on again and YES I'm watching it now just to make sure it don't get shut off again.


Ok I got my picture. Would you look at this it's no wonder that the flash kept going off on me. When I took this picture I didn't bother to look at the screen on the camera I've gotten to were I wait until I get home and put them into the system. When I did look at it there are so many orbs on it that it really suprized me!


Many more orbs and look at the Tombstone. You can see a few on the side of it almost like they were peaking around the corner of it.


Orbs seemed to have vanished somewhat. But I'm still feeling really good about tonights Investigation.


Just had an urge to point the camera up into the tree and take a picture and there is one in the tree as you can see here.


Just a few in this picture.


Not all the orbs that we get on the camera's are bright these are rather dim.


There are two orbs here on big and one small but both are fairly bright.


Many dim orbs can be seen here.


Yet more dim orbs can be seen here some are rather large though.


You can see by these pictures there is like a trail that comes off an orb when they're in motion.


Orbs come in many sizes and colors.


Dim orbs abound!


My first VERY GOOD picture of an Ecto. If you look at it closely it almost takes the shape of a person.


The color of some of the orbs are really pretty but you also have to think about when your blue your sad. Works the same way with the orbs.


Not quite as many orbs here but at least you can still see them in the picture.


It seems as if some of the orbs are attracted to certain people. Now I'm not sure if this is so or not but they sure do follow my wife around.


Orbs floating everywhere again.


Not all the orbs that float around in Butler are big or bright.


The really bright one is in motion you can see a trail coming off of it.


Small and dim orbs here although their is one that has size to it in the lower right corner.


Dim but you can still see them :)


One rather bright one here. There are many dim ones too that you can also see.


Well some more orbs and I'm starting to get tired. We all decided to end this investigation for the evening. We'll be back again very very soon and continue this.

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