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All Pictures are Copyright by ME! Please don't steal them ask we're easy to get along with.


Shortly after we arrived here tonight and got all setup with our equipment. I walked to the corner of the lane and felt that this was a good place to start with the pictures. You can see the orbs are really active tonight, from what I'm told the Red ones are supposed to mean get out but of course you can tell the color until you get home and upload them to your system.


Only one fair size dim orb here.


Looks just like the picture above only the orb has moved slightly.


The orbs are getting brighter and few different colors here too!


The orbs here are dim but you can still see them and that is all that counts.


This is Dragonlady (Teresa) my wife. As you can see all she is doing is walking along the road and the orbs just seem to be following her around. There is a rather large one above her head and to the right just a little.


Just a few dim orbs here. Oh well can't win em all.


More faint orbs here. Wonder where they all went to? Maybe they took off after my lovely wife :)


Deathdragon (Ian) happened to be standing still and I sorta blinded him in this picture, sorry Deathdragon. But if you look beyond him you'll see an orb.


Well hit the jackpot here. I wish that I could stumble upon more pictures like this, but we all know that is impossible.


There is a faint orb here to the right of the tree on the left side of the picture.


Talk about in your face. There is one that is shooting off the right side of the picture also.


I think that I lost the orbs again. Of course I was up in the front of the cemetery also and all the lights didn't help any.


A simple matter of just turning around can help a lot. I got some orbs in this one as you can see.


Seems like when you least expect it that is when they start showing back up. These where headed direct at me what can I say.


A few dims ones here. Just can't get everything that is big and bright!


Well I know where all the orbs are now. Seems that they've decided that they want to follow Dragonlady around.


Boy talk about attract em to ya! Just look at her leg she's got one on it.


I honestly think that these orbs are attracted to Dragonlady. I wish that I could get them to come to me so easy.


Figures she takes off and so do the orbs. Well all but one anyways.


Okay they're back again. I will never understand this fully but I'm not going to argue with them it would do me no good anyhow.


Okay here comes Dragonlady with orbs in tow :)


Dragonlady walked past me decided to take a picture.


Orbs are just everywhere in Butler Cemetery. I think it's time to move to another Cemetery soon and find out if anything just might dwell in them also.


Deathdragon had a feeling something was behind him here. I took a picture but it seems nothing was there.


Time to hand the camera off and I'll take off with the tape recorder. This is Dragonlady's first picture with this camera and look what she got!


Okay now I don't feel so bad at least I know that the Orbs also follow me around! Maybe one of them will be will to talk to me once I get back here in the darkness.


Okay I'm not the best looking character but oh well. I stopped and the wife took a picture and orbs are all around me.


Boy it sure is cold around where I was standing. Not sure what it was but one thing is clear there are some orbs around me.


A orb on the water puddle plus others floating around.


Okay I'm really happy now I got two on me at once!


Hanging above my head is a rather large orb.


Orbs are really plentiful in this one! Note that they're all different sizes and colors and also vary in brightness.


These orbs ain't the brightest in the bunch but they have a beauty of there own.


This orb was watching me I think. I just had a feeling that there was something around but couldn't put my finger on it till the picture was uploaded to the system.


Dragonlady had a feeling something was in front of her. She aimed the camera down and click she got a few on the picture.


Let us put it this way, I'm 6' 3" and look at the orb in front of me here.


This is Deathdragon I think he was sitting on the bowl here or something. There are orbs all around him here wonder if they were watching him to see what he was doing.


Time to go home and get some rest. But the orbs never really rest they're active all the time. Just that the only time you can catch them with the brightness that they have is after dark.

Always RESPECT the dead and where ever you visit. If you happen to bring stuff along like chips or something like that take the trash home with you. Don't tread on the grave's as you visit them either I consider that disrespectful. Happy Hunting all.

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