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All Pictures are Copyrighted by me! Please don't take them to use on another site unless you ask first :-)

This is our second investigation at William Ganong Cemetery (Butler). All these photographs were taken with a Polaroid PDC 700 Digital Camera that I got a Mazels in Wonderland Mall.


This is where we arrived for the second trip. I got out of the car and took a picture right off the bat. Well you see what I got just one small orb but it wasn't really faint like some of the ones from the first time we came here.


I rounded a corner here and something told me to take a photo so I did. There is a couple of rather large orbs here and they're not so dim that you can't see them either. Note that one of them is a slightly different color than the other one is. The Long light to the left is a light on the back street on the south side of the Cemetery.


Would you check out the color on this orb! I've seen color but not quite this bright in an orb. In a strange sort of way it is beautiful. There are also some dim ones here also to the right side of the picture. I've had to shrink the size of this picture it is really a 1024x768 the photo is actually intact full size on this server.


Rather large but rather dim orb with many smaller ones around I was hoping at this point that the night was going to be another night like we had the first time out. I can almost make these out when I take the picture with the camera. Again the size of this picture was reduced but remains intact on the server.


Okay want to talk about in your face! WOW I couldn't believe it when I uploaded this one into the computer these orbs are pretty big and also have a red color to them. There is also another orb on the other side of the tree to the right side. Again I've reduced the size of the picture so that it fits on the page and it remains intact on the server.


Still in the same spot I had to clean the lense just to make sure that the first picture was for real. I got more orbs in the same place wondering what this means. The size of the picture has been reduced to fit the page, but it remains intact on the server.


Those big orbs finally moved right out of my face anyways. But you can still see them in the picture now there are a lot of orbs starting to show up. Size of the picture is reduced to fit the page, but remains intact on the server.


Okay they're right back in my face. Wonder why they were doing this as we weren't treading upon any of the graves or nothing like that I do have respect for the dead you know! Really wondering if these orbs mean to do me harm or if they are just curious as to what I am doing there. Size of this picture is reduced, but it remains intact on the server.


A very bright orb here. I just love it when you can get them and they're this bright anyways :-). Also found is a dimmer orb. Just so that you know the picture size is back to normal from here on out to the end of the page.


Look at the really bright orb you can actually make out the face in it.


Here is Deathdragon using a Frequency Meter we were getting reading in the the range of 39 that is pretty high seeing how's when he was taking the reading and it shot up 3 seconds after this photo was snapped.


A very dim orb here.


Quite a few dim orbs one has some brightness to it anyways!


Quite a few orbs here too. That really bright light in the left background of the picture is a street light.


Lots of very dim orbs, at this point I'm wondering if they were about to totally quit on us again.


Some more very dim orbs, you get a little frustraited when you can't find anything but when your going out to do this it is more of a science than anything else. It also takes some knowledge of where your going on your hunts. You'd rather go to some place that you know has at least orbs there than say your local supermarket.


Well at least the orbs are starting to get a little brighter again. Maybe not as bright as I'd like to see but you can't win them all.


Yup they're most certainly getting brighter! This is such a great line of work to do. Everyone should go out at least once in there lifetime.


Look in the grass! There is another bright orb here I'm starting to feel better about this hunt!


Some small orbs here there are a lot of different sizes of orbs and there are also a lot of different colors too.


They really get dim at this point I'm getting bored now :-(


Okay something told me to stay for a little while longer. I took this picture and there is a red orb in the background but it's not super dim either :-)


Okay this is me Darkdragon. I went up the southern hill and was kneeling down and talking to Deathdragon and gave him the camera. I went back up the hill and kneeled again and boy look at the activity that I stirred up I can't count them all! I cherish this picture there are many many orbs around me :-)


I had a very weird feeling while I was kneeling here. I felt cold spots all around me and it was just weird let's just put it that way. Then when I looked at this picture there was the 2 pretty good size orbs in it both are red.


Deathdragon didn't see anything in this picture. But low and behold when I uploaded it to the computer there are still some small orbs around me. I moved right after this picture was taken to another spot.


It's amazing when you move within a cemetery how many orbs will pop up around you. This is something that you might want to think about the next time your treading on a grave of someone else. This is where I moved to and it really brought out the orbs again.


Orbs are all around me again. Notice the one orb out in front of me isn't that a strange color? I'm sure that there is something somewhere that I can read about the color of orbs I just got to find it.


Okay the big red ones are back again. This time they're back in Deathdragons face instead of mine anyways. I'm really wondering about these red orbs now because they've showed up in quite a few pictures. I know it's nothing on the lense of the camera because it's been cleaned with a lense cloth.


Okay anyone got any idea of what these red orbs want or are doing right up in our faces? Sometimes when the flash goes off on the camera you see what looks like sparklers in some places around you and when you look at the picture it has orbs where you saw the sparkles at.


Well I moved over to the right in this picture. The red orbs are still there and they are starting to get annoying because they cover a big chunk of the picture.


I was seeing something in this picture. I was looking around Deathdragon because it was on the far side of the cemetery moving between the grave stones. I went down the hill right after this picture was taken not taking my eye's off the spot where I saw whatever it was. Never did find out what it was and it made Deathdragon uneasy but I was in the mood to find out what it was.


Boy the red orbs are really wanting in the pictures tonight! I think it's rather neat the way that they come and go as they please. There is a rather bright orb on this photo also.


In this picture I was starting to move across the cemetery because whatever I had seen a little while ago was back and I wanted to find out what it was or who it was. It seems like these orbs either want me to leave or they're just wanting there picture taken.


When your moving like I was in this Picture I'm suprised that it didn't come out all fuzzy.


Okay still moving across the cemetery in this photo and still taking the pictures as I go. I really want to find out what it is that I keep seeing on the other end of near the gate but not that close as to were it could be someone sneaking in on us.


Caught an orb in this one and I was still moving across the cemetery.


Decided that I need a larger group of people to do Butler with. That way when we see something moving across the cemetery we can have another part of the group go see what it is, I've got a natural curiosity finding out. This picture has got some more orbs in it also as you can see.


Orbs started getting dim on us again. I'm going to see I can stir some more up without making to much noise that is.


Almost makes me think in this photo that these orbs may have been a family at one time the way that they're lined up anyways.


Orbs of many colors and sizes.


Look at these orbs they are a thing of beauty :-)


Orbs to the right side of this picture but they're pretty dim.


The large light to the left of the flowers is a street light but the one's to the right side near the gravestones are orbs.


Small orbs here but have some brightness to them.


Deathdragons turn to see if they show for him like they did me. There are some not to many though.


A few more orbs are showing now. Time to make Deathdragon move around a little bit.


Same thing why ain't they gathering around him like they did me? Hmmm now I start to wonder again.


Somehow I don't think that they wanted to be there while Deathdragon was on the hill. Right after he came off the hill I took another photo of the same spot and look at all the orbs.


More orbs different colors again. Does anyone know what all the colors mean?


Whoa check this one out it's moving like a bat out of you know where.


Many smaller orbs in this photo but they're still bright.


Many faint orbs found here.


Strange light coming off of the large gravestone.


Lots of faint orbs here again.


More orbs and also another unknown light on the gravestone.


Some more orbs are here.


A few more orbs are found here.


Just a few more orbs I'm starting to get really bored now.


Well it is time to end this investigation at William Ganong Cemetery (Butler). We will return here sometime in the near future. This place is active and I'm sure that we could get some good EVPs here too :-)

All Pictures are Copyrighted by Me! Please don't take them to use on another site unless you ask first :-)